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Ana's Captain??

There appear to be three contenders using Scmidt's method.


roughly in that order based on Schmidt's feeling that 'Fitness' is the correct criteria. This excludes Jupiter from the running because he is cadent to the Ascendant, in an Alien place (no dignities of his own or a sectmate) though he is rising and direct.

Looking at Morinus and Solar Fire and Delphic Oracle's medieval section I got


Jupiter 37
Saturn 32
Mars 23

Solar Fire (Ibn Ezra)

Jupiter 34
Saturn 31
Mars 21

Delphic Oracle

Jupiter 39
Saturn 36
Mars 27

Saturn wins it for Schmidt (If I've read him right) Saturn is second for all the others. Jupiter is nowhere for Schmidt, Jupiter wins for the others comparatively easily. If Jupiter can exercise influence, he's best for sure. Schmidt appears not to believe he can, the others go for him. Let's see as we work through.

Edited to add

Whilst I do use the 'Lord of the Geniture' in my natal work, (the Delphic Oracle Method) It's not something I give very great weight to and I only use it in the assessment of temperament (basic character). I think the term 'captain' or 'chief nautical officer' is probably to overstate its importance. It doesn't seem something that I've seen repeated use of in the Hellenistic texts, but then I have only read some of the books once and perhaps a second reading migh tease more out.

Addemdum I've just re-read abut the Oikodespotes in Firmicus Maternus (4th Century) and he makes reference to a number of systems for determining it (includint the ruler of the Bounds of the Sun by Day or Moon by Night. Interestingly he translates this term as 'ruler of the chart', so Schmidt's idea of a 'chief nautical officer' seems to have been dropped in favour of the MD.

However Firmicus uses the ruler of the sign which the Moon next moves into, after the birth. However Moon and Sun are disqualified as they 'rule the whole' (of life the universe and everything) So Schmidt may well be describing the 'earliest' method but clearly not one that lasted through the whole period (Firmicus says that 'this method is 'universally approved'. i.e. it was the common method of his time. For Ronia, this would be Virgo (as Leo is excluded) making the Oikodespotes Mercury. For Ana it would be Jupiter as the Moon is in Aquarius and will move into Pisces.

I'm not sure that I'm any happier with this definition but at least it shows that the Ship example is not the only way of doing it.
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