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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Oh, so now I have to add Mercury to the steering crew? I think there are no planets left out of the steering band. LOL I'm just getting a bit suspicious. Too many options, too many ways... I hope the ship does have someone to work on it after all this. LOL
Sorry you've lost me on this one....are you referring back to a post from a couple of days ago, on Mercury conjunct the Lot and Venus in mutual reception? If so that was a speculation that Mercury might assist Venus given the mutual reception, not an instruction to treat Mercury as being extra special

Actually in a real sense, even ignoring the ship metaphor, all the 7 planets (or 10 in a modern context) are 'officers' in the sense that they officiate or minister to an area of your life, They make take the lead in that area or they may do so with other 'officers' who are either in the house that they rule or in aspect to them. That might work out as a solo effort, a team effort or the efforts of a divided team, each one having different consequences.

One more modern way of looking at it is that your life is run or it;s unfolding is signified by a 'steering committee'. Now you have attempted to identify the main members of that committee through experience and chart position, others might try to pull out the more important members simply from the chart but either way, there's some subjectivity involved in the process.
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