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PNA Spiraling Part 2

In the previous post I looked at the Ascendant Ruler, its ruler and the Light of the Sect in this post I'll look at the remaining 4 planets.


Mercury in this chart is nocturnal, so as I've considered the three usual nocturnal planets, I'll finish off with Mercury. Mercury is in the sixth house in Libra. The sixth is an averse house - it makes no configuration with the Ascendant. So Mercury starts it's 'Fitness' examination with a lows score. It is in it's own Bounds in Libra, which scores highly on zodiacal placement and Mercury is Rising but Retrograde.. Overall that looks like an average score.

Mercury is not goaded or energetic relative to the horizon being in the sixth both in a whole sign house and quadrant house system. It's in it's own Trigon and it makes a phase change to the Sun in the 7 days either side of Spiraling's birth. Four days before, it stationed Retrograde (and is retrograde at the time of birth). Whilst this increases its energy, it's retrograde status will have to be taken into account later on. So in terms of energy, Mercury seems to be higher than average but he is retrograde.

Mercury is succedent relative to the Lot of Fortune being in a twelfth House relationship to it. It is separating from the Moon by square and in a Cardinal (Tropical) sign. This gives an average score for 'Completion' Mercury might initiate but it's not guaranteed to see them through.

Mercury is configured to the Moon by a separating square Mercury is on the right and so is the dominating planet (it's Left sided aspect goes to the Moon). Mercury also squares Saturn in the same manner but Saturn is much closer to the square by degree, being just outside the 3 degree orb. So Mercury is the stronger of the two. Finally Mercury makes a square to Jupiter in Cancer. This is a right sided square so Jupiter dominates.


The Sun is the Light out of Sect. The Sun is in Virgo in the fifth House. This is a succedent House but the Sun is in an alien place (no dignities of it's own or a sectmate). In terms of Energy the Sun is not goaded or energetic by house placement (either whole sign or quadrant) and it's in a 'foreign' Trigon. So on both measures the Sun is not strong. In terms of Completion it's in a succedent house to the Lot of Fortune, and it's in an Applying aspect from the Moon but it's in a bicorporeal (mutable) sign. Overall that looks about average.

The Sun's configurations are the same as for Mars as the two are in fairly close conjunction. Mars being in it's own dignity allows it to be shielded from the harmful combustion. Incidentally it appears that the Hellenistic Astrologers simply used a 15 degree orb for the Sun and termed the condition to be 'Under the Beams'.


Jupiter is in Cancer in the third house. Here it is configured to the Ascendant but is in a cadent or declining house However it is in the sign of its exaltation and both direct and rising, so it gets an average to high score on 'Fitness'

Jupiter is also in a cadent house using a quadrant system and does not make any phase change with the Sun during the relevant 7 days either side of birth. and is in a foreign Trigon. So Jupiter has low energy overall.

For Completion, Jupiter is in a cadent or declining house relative to the Lot of Fortune, has a separating aspect from the Moon and is in a Cardinal or Tropical house. One low and two middling scores so a bit below average.

Being the out of sect benefic and not particularly scoring highly, Jupiter might not play a great role in Spiraling's affairs - we'll have to see in stages 3 and 4.

Most of Jupiter's configurations have been mentioned but it's most important one has not. That is an opposition from Saturn which is exact in degree. Saturn is the out of sect malefic and this will weaken Jupiter. As it's also trined by Mars it might have qualified as being surrounded, but for the opposition aspect from the Moon which is between the trine from Mars and Jupiter's position in Cancer. Even so, that opposition may prove to be important.


The final planet is Saturn, the out of sect malefic. Being out of sect, Saturn may be the most troublesome planet in this chart. Saturn is in a declining house relative to the horizon but is direct and rising and also in one of his own places - he's in Capricorn. So just above average in Fitness.

In terms of Energy Saturn is not goaded, and is in a Foriegn Trigon (Saturn is a diurnal planet and the Earth Trigon is nocturnal). But he does make a change in direction during the relevant 14 day period around the birth - four days previously he stationed Direct. So one average, one below average and one above average - overall average.

Finally in terms of Completion, Saturn is in a declining or cadent house relative to the Lot of Fortune, he's in a Cardinal or Tropical sign and he's in a separating aspect from the Moon. Again about average, or just below.

All the configurations with Saturn have been covered under other planets but watch out for the opposition to Jupiter.

This completes the PNA for Spiraling
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