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Preliminary Natal Analysis for Kaillope

Preliminary Natal Analysis for Kalliope

Kalliope has a Nocturnal chart, so the Moon is the Light of Sect. The Ascendant of her chart is in Scorpio with the Ascendant ruler, Mars, in his own sign together with Mercury. So for the first time we have a Helmsman actually at the Helm! As Mercury is there too, whether he will be supportive or troublesome needs to be seen.


As indicated above Mars is in his own sign and so starts the Fitness rating well, being angular to the Ascendant. He is in one of his own places and is both rising and direct. So Mars scores very highly in terms of Fitness.

In terms of Energy Mars scores highly relative to the horizon, as he would also be in the first house of a quadrant house chart. During the 14 day period around Kalliope's birth Mars has a helical rising 4 days after the birth (appears in the Eastern sky as the Sun separates by more than 15 degrees) and he's in his own Trigon. So Mars scores very highly in terms of Energy.

For Completion, Mars is in a cadent or declining house relative to the Lot of Fortune, and is spearated from the Moon but is in a fixed sign. This seems to be below average. So we ought to expect Mars to support the completion of actions, but not really initiate them and have some trouble seeing them through..

Mars is the in sect malefic and being in his own sign we should expect that he will be a positive influence in Kaillope's life. His configurations are:

Mar is in a close aspect with Mercury (well within the 3 degrees for adherence. Mercury is of the same sect in this chart and is ruled by Mars, who is just in the superior position - slightly earlier in the zodiac. The outcome will be a blend of Mars and Mercury together with other planets that are in close aspect (if any). It certainly adds rational thought to Mars' drive.

Mars/Mercury make two further aspects. The first is a right sided trine to Saturn, who is retrograde in Cancer which is the ninth House. This is another aspect within the 3 degree orb (for both Mars and Mercury) and this should give Mars/Mercury the edge over Saturn, as they are 'hurling rays' at it. Saturn is the out of sect Malefic, so this may well still cause some difficulties.

Mars/Mercury also trine Jupiter in the order of signs (a left sided trine) they are in the superior position so will overcome Jupiter. Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces in the fifth House.


Being in close conjunction with Mars, Mercury shares most of the same characteristics in terms of Fitness, Energy and Completion, so I'll only deal with the differences. For 'Fitness', Mercury is in the next category down in terms of fitness relative to the zodiac, being in the place of a sectmate, having no dignity of his own.

For Energy, Mercury is in a Foreign Trgon, as he has no role in the Water Trigon. For completeness Mercury too has a phasis, but in it's case it's a helical setting (Mercury disappears from the morning sky as the Sun comes within 15 degrees.), 4 days before the birth. This is still energetic though. The completion reading is the same.

Mercury's configurations are exactly the same as Mars.


The Moon is the Sect Light. She has set at the time of the birth and is in the sixth House. Her condition is as follows:

Fitness; she is in a declining or cadent house and she has no dignity of her own but is in the place of a sectmate. She is 'rising' in Schmidt's terms, in that she can be seen in the sky when she is above the horizon (she would only not be seen at the time of the New Moon) - this is a below average situation.

Energy; she is not goaded or energetic, as she is in the sixth house of a quadrant chart and she is in a 'Foreign Trigon' , being in Aries, where she is not a Trigon Lord. This again is a below average situation.

Completeness; she is in a succedent house relative to the Lot of Fortune and is in a Cardinal sign. this gives middling completeness - the Moon is good for starting projects but not for finishing them.

Her configurations that have not been mentioned are:

A Left sided square to Saturn in Cancer, the separation is outside the 3 degree orb by a distance. She has two right sided trines to the Sun and to Venus, both of whom are in Sagittarius. Both of these trines are by sign not degree, so Sun and Venus dominate.

The Moon, like Mercury is ruled by Mars, and as already seen, Mars is in good condition and well placed. The strength of Mars may augment the weakness of the Moon.
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