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PNA for Kalliope - 2

Preliminary Natal Analysis for Kalliope - 2


Venus is the last of the nocturnal planets to b examined She is placed in Sagittarius, with the Sun and is under the beams and not configured to the Ascendant. As Venus is the benefic of sect, this is not a particularly good start. So in terms of 'Fitness' she is in a Succedent sign (Sagittarius will be the next sign to ascend, and is the second 'house' of the chart. Being under the beams she is not classified as 'Rising' but is Direct. Her zodiacal placement is being in an 'Alien Place' as she is not in any dignities of her own or in the dignities of a sectmate. It seems that being in an alien place may restrict her influence to the house that she is in. This looks like being below average in terms of Fitness.

In terms of Energy, Venus just makes it into the first house of a quadrant system and thus qualifies as being goaded. But she makes no phase change relative to the Sun in the 14 days surrounding the birth and is in a 'Foreign Trigon', so I'd see this as a somewhat average

In terms of Completion, she is In the opposite sign to the Lot of Fortune and so occupies a Pivotal or Angular place. But she is separated from the Moon (no aspect involved and is in a mutable or bicorporeal sign, which have the least staying power. So here she is below average again.

Venus makes the following configurations:

Venus is under the Sun's Beams, and so will find it difficult to express her basic characteristics.

Venus and the Sun square Jupiter in Pisces (5th House). Jupiter rules both signs, and so is Venus' ruler. In this case although Venus is the earlier in the Zodiac, preceding Jupiter, as the aspect is partile, Jupiter's rays are will overcome Venus. This would be destructive if Jupiter was a malefic, but he is the out of sect benefic and is likely to be a little sympathetic to Venus as Venus' ruler.

Venus and the Sun make a Trine to the Moon, though it is a Trine by sigh, being out of the Moon's 13 degree orb. As Venus and the Sun are earlier in the Zodiac, they will tend to dominate the Moon.

The Sun

The Sun is the Out of Sect Light. Whilst it is not in the rising sign, it would be in the first house of a quadrant chart and therefore there may be some argument that it should be the Sect Light. I've taken the Moon at the moment because it is nearer an angle but having set, the issue becomes a little debatable in the light of my most recent reading.

The Sun's Fitness rating is that it is in a Succedent House, and in the place of a sectmate. For Energy it is goaded and is in it's own Trigon (Fire). For Completeness it too is Angular relative to Fortune but is in a bicorporeal sign and makes no aspect to the Moon by degree (it's separated from the Moon) That seems to be that it's strong in the first two categories but below average in the last.

The Sun's configurations are the same as for Venus, though in the case of the square to Jupiter it is outside the 3 degree orb for aspects by degree and so being eariler in the zodiac will dominate Jupiter (Left sided square).


Jupiter is in it;s own sign of Pisces in the fifth House. So

Fitness: it's in a Succedent Sign, it's Rising and Direct and it's in its own Place - A high score on Fitness.
Energy: It's goaded or energetic, falling in the fourth house of a quadrant system but it does not make any phase change relative to the Sun and it's in a Foreign Trrigon (The three Trigon rulers for Water are Mars, Venus and the Moon) - So it is average or below average energy.
Completness: It's in an angular House relative to Fortune (10th house) but is separated from the Moon and is in a bicorporeal sign. So completion is on the low side.

Jupiter's configurations have been mentioned apart from a Left Sided Trine to Saturn (a trine in the direction of signs). The separation by degree means that Jupiter will dominate, though it should be remembered that the two of them are out of sect and therefore may not act as well as they should.


Saturn is the out of sect malefic and is placed in Cancer in the ninth House.

Fitness: In a Cadent or Declining House, Is Rising but Retrograde and in the Place of a Sectmate (the exaltation of Jupiter). Not quite a very high score but the Retrograde status is something to note. It might lead to 'stumbling'

Energy : Saturn is in a Cadent/Declining house by quadrant, so not gaoded. Saturn makes no phase change with the Sun and is in a Foreign Trigon (Saturn has no role as a Trigon Lord for Water). This looks like Low energy

Completeness: Saturn is in a succedent house relative to Fortune, is Separating from the Moon and is in a Cardinal or Tropical Sign. Completeness is probably midlling, being good on starting things, but having relatively low staying power.

Saturn's configurations have been listed under the other planets. but it is worth noticing that the Trines from Venus and Jupiter fall either side of Saturn, so it is bonafied by being 'surrounded' by benefics.
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