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Porphyry on Rulership of the Nativity.

I've just been reading Porphyry's Introduction to the Tetrabiblios of Ptolemy. This is a commentary written perhaps a 100 years after Ptolemy which tries to throw light on Ptolemy's writings using other Astrologers. He has a section on the 'Sign Runer, the Lord and the Ultimate Ruler' of the Nativity' which also throws light onto Schmidt's PNA and Univeral Hermetics.

He starts with the 'ultimate Ruler' and attributes the following beliefs to the 'ancients'

If the Sun is rising in the East in a Day chart then it should be taken as the Ultimate Ruler. If it's declining in the West (in a day chart) but the Moon is rising in the East, especially if it is in the Ascendant then the Moon should be taken as the Ultimate Ruler, If both Sun and Moon are declining in the West then the Ascendant should be taken as the Ultimate Ruler.

For a Night chart, if the Moon is rising in the East it is the Ultimate Ruler but if it is declining in the West and the Sun is under the horizon but near to it, then the Sun should be taken as the Ultimate Ruler. If both planets are under the horizon but are in an angular or succedent house then the Moon should be taken as the Ultimate Ruler because it's the Sect Light. In general the Light which is closer to an angle should be chosen, then the Light nearer to the East (Ascendant) and then the Sect Light. The Ultimate Ruler seems to correspond with Schmidt's view of one of the lights 'appointing' the Oikodespotes and is concerned with choosing which one.

Porphyry then says the ruler of the sign in which the Ultimate Ruler falls will be the Sign Lord of the Nativity (Oikodespotes). and the Co-ruler will be the ruler of the Bounds in which the Ultimate Ruler is placed. So much seems to be in line with Schmidt's interpretation.

Porphyry then says that some wrtiers have taken the Ruler of the Bounds to be the Sign Lord and used the Ascendant Ruler as co-ruler.Those same authors (he says) use the ruler of the Midheaven as the ruler of the Nativity, if it is in an angular house, it it is not then they will use planets in the midheaven and if there aren't any then they will fall back on the following:

The Ruler of the Ascendant, or any planet placed in the Ascendant, 'whether it be the ruler of the MC, the Moon or the Lot of Fortune' and such a planet would be considered as long as it would have been rising or setting or even making a station in the seven days before or after the nativity (by rising and setting here I take him to mean helical rising or setting)

The planet chose will be the 'supreme ruler' of the nativity and essentially controls the nativity. If two or more planets meet these conditions, then the most powerful planet that is rising will be chosen (from them).

Porphyry also suggest that the pre-natal new of full Moon should be considered (New Moon if the natal Moon is Waxing, Full Moon if the natal Moon is waning). The Sign Ruler and Bounds Ruler would be considered. (presumably they have to satisfy the same criteria out lined above to be chosen)

This seems to explain why the Lord of the Lot of Fortune is considered in Schmidt's system and why the phases relative to the Sun are considered. Schmidt's system of Fitness, Energy and Completion is used to identify which planet is the 'Supreme Ruler'.

Lastly Porphyry says that 'from all these planets the one most sympathetic to the nativity should be chosen as Lord of the chart, which is the planet in the most superior position, this would be the planet that is closest to the Ascendant degree, or most closely placed in the Ascending Sign, or has the greatest power by being in the closest aspect to the Ascendant.

Remember that the last criterion is applied to the planets that make it through to the short list. so to speak.

This is very similar to the Schmidt system but seems to me a little clearer about the process and so it's one that I'll try out in the next Universal Hermetics section for Spiralling and Kalliope and if it works better use if for Jessboo92 as well.
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