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Originally Posted by spiraling View Post
I'm not entirely sure what to conceive of the 'Trigon Lords', and there's clearly much I have left to study, regarding Hellenistic astrology-- but what I've personally gleaned from my chart via a mish-mash of both modern and traditional astrology correlates well with what you've outlined thus far. As of this past year, I've come to a deeper understanding of how powerful that Venus in Scorpio upon the DC is. From what I've observed, Venus in detriment, along with it being placed on the DC (traditionally considered the place of significant others-- e.g. confidantes, lovers, enemies, significant others, in general) has signified an extreme form of what some astrologer call Venus' 'attraction/repulsion' principle. I've witnessed people react in such extremes, that it's becoming impossible for me to even take anyone seriously anymore-- an extreme Scorpio reaction, on my behalf. A long-time stalker has been revealed; I've probably inadvertently attracted new ones. What is signified by this particular placement, if my understanding is vaguely accurate, is that I attract those who want to 'transform' my existence-- to goad me into a process of 'rebirth' (Scorpio), whether that's through my death, or putting me through the rungs of their highly delusional 'true love'. In modern terms, Pluto is in Scorpio, and within the 7th house, also, which simply amps people's desire to 'mold' me more. It's essentially those who personally are suffering from control issues, from what I've come to observe. The disconnection with the Moon shows that I have not even a instinctual, gut feeling of these control freak's presence in my life-- which to me is a positive thing, as long as they stay away from me. Whatever extreme 'occult' Scorpio energy they send towards me simply doesn't connect at the most basic level (Moon in Pisces in the 12th house-- a disconnection from one's deeper emotional/instinctual state. One whose operations are largely unconscious.)
At the moment I'm just assessing planetary strength, the next three stages will draw on, but those observations are quite useful. Venus is separated from the Moon and you're right that disconnection may make it difficult to instinctively pick up on certain areas of your life. However the separation has completed by a matter of a few minutes, so there may be 'echoes' there if you try and work on those instincts. That Mars is under the beams and therefore cannot be seen seems to echo your point about stalkers or other's trying to control you (Mars being Venus' ruler). The sextile between Mars and Venus is not a strong connection and it might be showing that everything seems to be aright at a superficial level, though actually by degree they are inconjunct.

It's a life and death struggle for me to complete tasks, esp. if I have zero personal interest. Heh, oops. I was wondering if you could elucidate the Moon opp. Mars position further? I'm not entirely sure how, or in what ways, it could be 'above average' in power.
Robert Schmidt is the pioneer 'explorer' of Hellenistic Astrology and in his account of how it works he sees a connection of a planet to the Moon as being important for completing it's purpose (whatever that happens to be). This is because the Moon more than any other planet was believed to affect what happens here on Earth - it's the mediator between the heaves and Earth Above and Below) without that aspect a planet will have some difficulty expressing in 'terrestial' terms - and those include psychological terms. Mars has an applying opposition from the Moon. At this stage that is 'good' in that it's an indicator that Mars has the strongest connection with the Moon. How that influence is actually manifested my not necessarily be good for you. Mars is the malefic of sect, so he should behave in a more positive way in a nocturnal chart and given other favourable circumstances can actually be beneficial (the bad guy who turns good guy). That ought to be possible in that Mars is in his own Bounds or Terms in Virgo and has a role as a 'co-operating Lord of the Earth Triplicity (Trigon). The Greeks used three rulers for each triplicity (they called them Trigons, which simply means a three sided figure) For Earth these were Moon, Venus and Mars, in that order, for a nocturnal chart. So one thing I need to look for in the next couple of stages is whether Mars will indeed be a good guy or whether he's not as noble as he seems.

Originally Posted by Spiraling
As this is technical jargon I have little understanding of, I'm can't provide substantial feedback. I suppose the fact that my Moon's state is largely a succedent one, it means that I readily glean, and remember whatever wisdom I derive from living an active life (pisces adaptability -- mutable considered a mode of 'wisdom'). Jupiter and Venus bonified provides ready access to a peaceful state of mind, if I so desire it...
Sorry about the technical jargon - I'm still very much at the beginning of the learning curve, so I do have difficulty translating it into more friendly English. I'm hoping that will improve as I get familiar with the material. I have to actually do something repeatedly for it to sink in - hence asking for volunteers. I originally decided I keep to the four stages of Hellenistic Astrology; the prenatal analysis which simply identifes where planets are and what there strengths and weaknesses are; the Universal Hermetics which tries to ascertain how easy or not life should be; the topical analysis looking at the areas of your life and finally the methods (or at least a couple) for analysing what has actually happened to you and what is likely to happen in the future. Stages 3 and 4 are likely to be the more interesting from your point of view, but stage 2 could be interesting too. As I'm getting the hang of at least the outlines of the approach now, I think I can make the second stage and subsequent stages more user friendly. It's worth pointing out though that no one has a complete understanding of the Hellenistic system, especially what it was like in its early years. Even later Hellenistic writers, two or three hundred years down the line couldn't fully agree on what the early system was. Trying to tease out a method though is something I find interesting.

Hellenisitic Astrologers did not practise Astrology in the same way that a twenty first century Astrologer does. They're not really into psychology, despite it being a word of Green origin - the study of your soul or mind. It's more simplistic in that sense but it is also more event oriented (whether that means it works accurately I have yet to discover).
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