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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Yes it is different from the Arab and Medieval apporaches and indeed Robert Schmidt, who runs Project Hindsight argues that we must cast out all our preconception about Astrology before trying it. So he refers to Helios and Selene, instead of Sun and Moon and talks of Images rather the Signs because he thinks it's a better translation of the Greek. Luckily Chris Brennan is not so purist in his approach so I can still call Capricorn, Capricorn and not the Goat Horns.
Ha! to the Goat Horns. I'm glad we can just say Capricorn, too. And Schmidt is SO right about us needing to cast out all of our preconceptions! I'm going to try my best to set aside my modern astrological knowledge when considering my chart's analysis in this thread. I can see that others have had trouble trying to reconcile their modern understanding with the Hellenistic viewpoint, and I think I'll actually grasp the method better if I don't try to do the same.

Delphic Oracle has a large learning curve but does have some excelent features, especially relating to predictive methods. It's also got a very good dynamic charting function so a chart can be run forward or backwards in time by anything from a minute to a year. And Time Lord periods can easily be checked against transits, or secondary progressions.

That being said, I got it at half price, which is on offer till the new version comes out. It's just about worth it, especially as there's no other program that does Hellenistic Astrology but I don't think I would have bought it at full price.
Thanks for the comments about Delphic Oracle, and for mentioning the reduced price! If I were deciding between Janus and DO, and I know I'm interested in some medieval techniques, how do you think the battle between them shakes out? The dynamic charting function, and the Time Lord checks against transits, etc., sound great. I'm definitely wanting a program that makes it easiest to find times when transits, returns, progressions, or things like Time Lords, Profections, or Primary Directions overlap. With both modern and traditional methods in mind, I'd like to do a rough sketch of significant time periods coming up for myself and close friends, for observation and learning. It seems like DO would make this easiest. Am I correct?
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