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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
That's true about health. I did have a talent in the sports (it's considered an art actually but based on physical performance) I was involved with and if I hadn't had all these injuries, I'd have most probably become an excellent performer. However, it was my choice to try and push myself harder, against the advice of my mentors, so... I don't know how it would come out in the chart. It is unfortunate but it's based on personal choice and it was a risk which could have been profitable too. As with all risks in life, we take them and hope for the best, it may turn out either way. While if we don't risk we'll lose nothing but we'll win nothing as well.
I'm just compiling the evidence from a number of sources - will probably post it tomorrow but one of these bits from Firmicus is:

If Mars and Mercury are in square aspect and Mars holds the superior position (earlier in the zodiac) it weakens the native with constant pains, attacks all his occupations with reverses, makes him the victim of evil rumours.

Now firstly the language will give issues, so be warned when the post comes tomorrow. I don't take these literally but you do have Mercury (10th house) being squared from Mars in a superior position and what you've just outlined appears to be a reverse in your potential career because of injuries (which are usually Mars ruled). I was taking 'pains' to mean problems and difficulties, rather than the literal physical pain but this does seem to fit. Also don't assume that every part of the 'predicition' is going to hold true. I think that some of the statements contain a list of examples, rather than a package of things that may befall the native.

There are some more of these that I would really like feedback on because they do seem to have a chance of fitting, given some of your previous comments in this thread.
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