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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
This is true about my present profession too. After I was done with sports and decided to pursue PR and event management, I started very successfully. However, I have always ended badly because of other people's jealousy, gossiping, etc. One way or another I've been forced to leave and start again from the beginning somewhere else. Not very hopeful that it's in the chart though. It basically means it's a "given". I'm curious if, according to the ancients, these "givens" can be changed.
Yes, and there are other similar indications too, plus family issues. I want to try and organise the material a little first, but as it seems to fit, at least in this one respect I'll try and keep that to a minimum and perhaps put a comment section after it.

Most of these Astrologers were Stoics, the philosophy of the time, so they believed in fate or at least that fates could not significantly be changed. This was a belief system outside Astrology, and was one of the prevailing belief systems of the time.

So I doubt they actually addressed the issue of what stragegy you could take to remedy the situation. However that desn't mean that it can't be done. We don't usually have such a fatalistic approach and we would consider that there are ways to deal with much of these issues. Perhaps the Hellenistic Approach is good for stating the problem but other approaches both astrological and non-astrological) to find solutions.

That's definitely something we could consider.
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