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Spiraling - Universal Hermetics

I'm not going to keep to close to the Ship analogy, especially as being an ex-Business Studies lecturer, my analogy of choice would be a new company setting out in the market.

Your chart is clearly Nocturnal, with the Moon in the eleventh House. The Moon is therefore the 'Ultimate Ruler' to use Porphyry's phrase and the Oikodespotes, (which I likened to the Managing Director) will be Jupiter, ruler of the Sign of the Moon (Pisces) and the Co-operating Officer (Chief of Staff for the MD) is Mercury (the Moon is in the Bounds of Mercury). These two are supposed to set your destination in life and to act as guides.

With a Taurus Ascendant, Venus is the one doing the steering and she is in the Seventh on the Descendant. Being Angular she can see the Ascendant and can manage the steering reasonably well.

The Lord of Fortune is supposed to enable you to take advantage of Opportunities and to avoid, or at least minimise threats. Your Lord of Fortune is Mars. In principle, he can see both the Lot and the Ascendant so he should be in a good position to fullfil his role. The drawback is that he is Under the Sun's Beams - a position where he can't be seen or see. Checking his dignities, I can see that he's in his own Bounds and his own Decan. So he seems to qualify for being in his 'own chariot'. This lovely description simply means that he's in one of his dignities and this can shield him from the Sun's harmful beams. So I think the Lord of Fortune is going to still be able to do his job. Whatever happens to you, you should be able to turn it to your advantage.

This looks very promising up to now. The next issue is whether there is support in your chart for your attempts to reach your goal. The Hellenistic Astrolgoers, measured this by looking at the Triplicity or Trigon Lords of the Sect Light (The Moon). These are in order; Mars, Venus, Moon. If they are all angular then you have a lot of support - your life undertaking is stable. This reduces if they are in Succedent houses and becomes more precarious if they are all in cadent houses. In your case Mars is succedent, Venus is angular and the Moon is also succedent.

So there don't seem to be really poor periods in your life. The middle years are likely to be your best and when you will make most progress and have most effect. Even then your last third of your life is going to be no worse than the first third.

There is another planet that is referred to as the 'Supreme Ruler' - the Chairman of the Board, so to speak. Exactly how this planet is chosen appears to vary between writers. Porphyry, tends to merge the roles of Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, to get a Chairman and CEO type figure, who he calls the Oikodespotes. Whereas Schmidt's account sees them as separate roles, which are not usually shared by one planet.

In both cases it seems that the crux of the matter is the 'Fitness' scores of the planets. and their already identified roles - Porphyry and Scmidt refer to the ruler of the Sign of the prenatal lunation - the New Moon of Full Moon before your birth. In your case this was a New Moon in Virgo, which occured about 4 or 5 days before.

So the main contenders would be:

Venus (Ascendant Ruler and Second Trigon ruler)
Jupiter (Moon Ruler)
Mercury (Moon Bound Ruler and Ruler of Pre-natal lunation)
Mars (Ruler of Lot of Fortune and First Trigon Ruler)

I'll omit the Sun and Moon as they were not seen as being 'hands on' planets in this respect.

Of these four:

Venus is Angular, Rising and Direct and in the place of a Sectmate
Jupiter is in a Cadent house, Rising and Direct and in one of it's own places
Mercury is in a Cadent house, Rising but Retrograde and in one of it's own places
Mars is in a succedent house, not rising but Direct and in one of it's own places

All but Venus are in one of their own dignities but Mercury is Retrograde and in a cadent house, so I'll exclude him. Mars is not rising (Under the beams) so I'll exclude him.

That leaves Venus and Jupiter as the two contenders. Venus is angular whereas Jupiter is cadent, but Jupiter is in it's own exaltation whereas Venus has to rely on her Sectmates to help,

Despite being cadent, Jupiter seems a good bet. but the Angularity of Venus probably swings it for her. (Venus also wins using Lilly's method and using the routine in Morinus).

Overall this looks like a good situation for life. It's no guarantee that you won't have good periods and bad but it suggests you'll be able to use the bad experiences to learn from and that you won't simply end up without direction.
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