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The fickle and shadowy thoughts have come to a rest. They have settled on tree branches and come down to earth Petersen LWB

These thoughts seem to be in the form of ravens, the most intelligent of birds with cognitive processes not unlike those of humans. Perhaps this means we can transform our thoughts to something of higher value? I like this possibility. We can change our situation by changing the way we think, our attitudes. In some mythologies the Raven is the intermediary between earth and the heavens.

However in our culture the raven is more often seen as the harbinger of doom, bad news, even as a trickster. Must we always be aware that our thoughts can trick us? We can become deluded. Here is the Edgar Poe poem which alludes to this:

Maybe ravens are purifying agents. They clear the rubbish away from our minds -- mediators between heaven and earth. Perhaps they have been scapegoated by our culture on account of their intellligence and their blackness? For some reasom XIII in the Marseilles comes to mind. Death as change and renewal appears as a skeleton. Bare as these trees on which the chorus of ravens sit. Maybe they are waiting for a poem to the human spirit not a dirge. 10 Feathers promises transformation, after all.

I couldn’t find one really positive allusion to ravens anywhere apart from zoological sites. It sure looks as though ravens carry the heavy load of doom and gloom and sheer malevolence in most of our literature.
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