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NEW Study Group for Journey into Egypt Tarot

At first glance you all are going to think I have completely lost my mind, but bear with me on the system there is a learning curve, The Journey into Egypt Tarot is still using the full moon cycles like in MAAT but they are precessed to the real sky.

The deck is structured around the ancient Egyptian calendar year (and this rocked my world) was 12 months with 3-ten day weeks. Picture the horoscope with its 12 houses. These houses are broken down into thirty "degrees" in an astrological and typically subdivided into 3 decants ('deca' latin for 10).
For example in traditional western Sun Sign Astrology on vernal equinox the sun moves into Aries in the real sky (check any astronomy app) the sun Moved into Pisces on March 11th and it will be there until April 17th and the full moon is in Virgo on March 27th.

I started using Astrology in the 1970's long before I had even heard of tarot and after using the Real Sky since 2009 I have found Real Sky to be very deep especially when viewing it through the ancient Egyptian Zodiac. My website has a whole page on the Egyptian zodiac symbols the designs are based on the ceiling medallion at Dendera Temple.

I have separated the deck into 3 Gates-

The First Gate is The World and the 4 aces

The Second Gate is the cross quarter days illustrated by Trials of Isis.

The Third Gate is The Real Sky Zodiac/Full Moon Cycles using the Courts(King, Queens and Princesses) as Full moons and Princes as ascendant, midheaven,descendant and nadir. Minor cards describe details of month and represent the 3 ten day weeks of the month.

I hope you will join me in exploring this new tool for divination.
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