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I have just discovered a wonderful American poet called Margaret Oliver. This is a poem she wrote about Vultures which just seems so reminiscent to me of 10 Feathers.

  • Vultures

    Like large dark
    butterflies they sweep over
    the glades looking
    for death,
    to eat it,
    to make it vanish,
    to make of it the miracle:
    resurrection. No-one
    knows how many
    they are who daily
    minster so to the grassy
    miles, no-one
    counts how many bodies
    they discover
    and descend to, demonstrating
    each time the earth's
    appetite, the unending
    waterfalls of change.
    wants to ponder it,
    how it will be to feel the blood cool,
    shapeless dissolve.
    Locked into
    the blaze of our own bodies
    we watch them
    wheeling and drifting, we
    honor them and we
    loath them.

The imagery in this remarkable poem has integrity as reality and metaphor. In metaphor the vultures represent thoughts - how they can devour us or others in our imagination or reality. Seems to fit with 10 Feathers/Swords allusions.

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