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Originally Posted by MikeH
Earlier I considered Payne-Towler's suggestion that Etteilla is inspired by the Poimandres, the first part of the Corpus Hermeticum. De Mellet might be borrowing from that source when he speaks of the “Creation of Man” card. Here is de Mellet, again from Tarotpedia:
Thot voulut exprimer la Création de l'Homme par la peinture d'Osiris, ou le Dieu générateur, du porte-voix ou Verbe qui commande à la matiere, & par des Langues de Feu qui s'échappent de la nuée, l'Esprit [Peint même dans nos Historiens sacrés.] de Dieu ranimant cette même matiere...

Thoth wanted to express the Creation of Man by the painting of Osiris, or generating God, with the speaking pipe or Verb with which matter is ordered, & by tongues of fire which escape from the cloud, and the Spirit [Painted even by our crowned historians] of God reviving this same matter...
I really must get round to cleaning that (mostly google) translation up! A 'porte-voix' is a mouthpiece or speaking-trumpet (i.e., a megaphone), and in the context here (Judgement card as creation) I presume is a reference to the angels trumpet, and 'ou verbe' would be better translated as 'or the Word' (i.e., Mellet is interpreting the 'speaking-trumpet' as an emblem of "the Word which commands/orders matter").
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