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Hello JenWt43, welcome to this Study Group.

You are welcome, Chiriku. And thank you for asking the question. It was only by trying to answer it, that I came to these insights.

PathWalker: Donít be ashamed, you are my shining example and give me the courage to go on.

I decided to start all over again I hope to be able to follow the study program now (one lesson a week), even though it is actually a lot of material to be covered in one week. But, at the moment, I would prefer keeping to this schedule, according to the right time of the year, even if that means skipping task, questions of meditations (preferably the ones I have already done before) or not going into it as deep as I would prefer (which is actually much to deep).
I will try to post an update each week, but I wonít be able to translate everything.

And DaisyDragonfly, thanks for the suggestion to pull cards for each question. It works wonderfully for me.
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