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Originally Posted by Amanda_04 View Post
So krystalkitty posts her question by this Thursday and the rest of us have a week to dream, and we just come back here each day that we dream something for krystalkitty... yes?
yes! don't put too much pressure on yourself! I struggled with the first week last time, it doesn't matter really if you dream or not, no stress they will come when relaxed

for me I have the persons question written down by my bed! I look at the question before going to sleep and read it over. I ask for a dream for that person. Some nights I got nothing at all but I tended to get around 2 dreams a week on average per person! I would have paper and a pen near my bed and would write them down really fast when waking up!

would then type here and sometimes include interpretation.

the person whose week it is has to go through the dreams and see how it works for them! in the old dream threads you could leave that till the end of the week but there is such a lot of dream posts, I think it would be unmanageable! it's easier to keep up by day!

quite a few people last time would not read any posts that day before posting their dream! so you didn't influence yourself! the really interesting thing last time was that people had dreams of the same theme often each day. like one day all about different houses, one person had all fog in each persons dream!

Don't be afraid how crazy your dream is, just write it down! parts of all dreams last time seemed to fit the person whose week it was
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