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Ever since I got this deck this card really...perplexed me,for a lack of a better word. For some reason it still makes the hair on my back stand up because there is something about this woman that makes me....I cant explain but she just irks me. I dislike her demeanor, especially her gaze and her eyes and the way she gives the look that she gives in the card, btw have you noticed that the eyes are an important feature in the woman of the Bohemian Gothic? Many times when I got the deck I had a certain... idea of what a carc represents and I would discover upon close inspection that the gaze of the female on the card is actually looking in a completely different direction or person or thing than it appeared on first sight which can change the whole meaning of a card...just a thoght.

But like I said I NEVER liked this card. I know this deck tends to...vivify, the Ryder in a nightmare-ish type of way but this card just never sat well with me, which is very strange because there are tons of other cards in this deck which are.... Eek like,and of all of them, I am irked by THIS woman.
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