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Re: Re: René d'Anjou and cards

Originally posted by kwaw
Probably my memory mixing things up, but I seem to recall reading that Rene passed the cards to Marcello to send on to his wife; and that Marcello found a several of the cards 'amateurish' and had them repainted before sending them on?

:-) I think your memory is certainly mixing things up, unless there is another account of how Marcello got his two packs of cards, which he recounts in his letter to Isabelle.

In this letter, he says that he got a pack of Triumph cards as a gift. He does not say when (I propose around Christmas, 1448). When an ambassador Caraffa had come to Marcello after visiting René and Isabelle in Provence in early 1449, Marcello showed Caraffa the cards. Caraffa said that Isabelle would love them. Marcello then says that he thought they were not worthy of royalty (this is probably what your memory took as "amateurish" although Marcello doesn't use anything like this word), and set out to find an artisan to make a nicer pack. This pack was never made, and Marcello ended up sending her the "unworthy" pack anyway.

The other cards, painted by Michelino, are a different pack that Marcello had to search for in Milan.
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