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Image of a vampiress dressed all in black, long black flowing hair, black lips and extremely pale/stark white. Stands on top of a high ledge, behind a gargoyle. The gargoyle is right on the edge of the ledge peering over. His mouth is wide open, could be growling. Appears annoyed or stirred up about something happening below him. His wings are flapping/extended. His stance is that of a gargoyle ready to pounce.

And yet she stands back, behind him, holding a sword in her right hand while her other arm is slightly extended from her side, hand slightly pointing towards the gargoyle. Her hand looks like she controls the gargoyle to keep him in his place.

IS it just me or does anyone else notice her eyes?

Her eyes(eyeballs) to me, appear to be looking away from the gargoyle to her right with her head and posture facing you.

The sword is pointing sharp point down.

There is some action that the gargoyle is getting restless, annoyed about. To me it looks like he wants in on the action. But she hasn’t given her permission yet and he won’t leave until she does.

She doesn’t want in on the action, she is happy to stay out of it. And yet she holds the sword. I get the feeling she will not hesitate to use it if she really has to, but this is not her preferred style.
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