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The Wild Unknown Tarot - IV Pentacles

4 coins or pentacles are arranged in a diamond pattern. Behind them the card is shaded but inside the diamond made by the coins there is white space.
The coins are linked by coloured threads in a geometric pattern - a diamond or square that encompasses all 4 and holds them together then blue and green threads in the shape of figure 8s and an elliptical pattern that hold the opposite coins together..

This is a card of solidity to me. It's a double Earth card; 4 being the number of Earth and Pentacles being the suit representing Earth.
So it's solid and stable and it looks literally held together with the coloured bonds.
This card makes me think of stability in the material world, of holding things close and of having good foundations on which to build. The image makes me think of order and boundaries.

There seems to be so much more in this card than what I'm describing but I think it does show the essence of the 4 of Earth really well.
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