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The Coins- For Magpie and all

This is an excerpt from the book, an introduction for the Coins to help explain my thoughts behind the Coin suit.

The Hyksos, sometimes called “Shepherd Kings”, originally came from Western Asia, perhaps Syria or Palestine, and ruled Egypt for about 200 years. These tribes are also referred to as hikau-khausut, or “rulers of foreign countries.” Remarkable artisans and builders, the Hyksos are a Semitic people (Josephus, the Jewish historian, remarked that the Hyksos are "the children of Israel") who settled in the fertile delta of Egypt. Historically, Lower Egypt is a place where multiple cultures mix and the Egyptians share some history with the Semitic tribes, including trade. The Hyksos assumed control of Egypt in much the same way Europeans gained control of the New World. The ‘invaders’ trickled in when Egypt’s ruling class was relatively weak, settling the northern territory until their numbers grew. With superior technology and battle experience, victory over the indigenous people was swift when the takeover occurred at the close of the Fourteenth Dynasty.

The Egyptian people, who had likely never seen horses before, were easily overtaken by the Hyksos war chariots. The invaders burned down cities and destroyed many temples imposing their will over the Egyptian people. They made their king "one of their own people" and, according to the famous scribe and historian Manetho, that first Hyksos king is Salatis. Governing in a more familiar Egyptian style, the Hyksos imbued some of their own deities into the culture while keeping some of the familiar Egyptian religious beliefs intact.

To put this into perspective, one might imagine the emotional state of the region during the Hyksos two-hundred year occupation to be similar to the public displays of outrage around the world today. Earth-based pagan principles of tolerance, science/magic, and respect for nature/Neters are being overwritten by the unbridled greed of powerful capitalists and their evangelical dominionist sidekicks who lack compassion for anyone outside their exclusive ideological fellowship. In most cases, the “common man” feels overwhelmed, disenfranchised, and helpless fighting against the powers-that-be. The Shepherd Kings’ reign ended during the 18th dynasty after the original Egyptian royal families fought and reclaimed their government.

The stories of Cain and Abel share a striking resemblance to the legends of Osiris and Set, thus showing how stories and mythologies from Egypt are found “hidden” in the stories of the bible. The Egyptians’ fight to reclaim their land and the ensuing struggle for domination was undoubtedly ruthless at times. One bible story claims that the pharaoh waged genocide against “Hebrew” infants, while the story of Moses tells a personal and touching story of a mother’s sacrifice to save her child and bloodline. Each account is colored by cultural biases, yet it is possible to view history more objectively, and through the Egyptian lens, to find a deeper story."-©2013Julie Cuccia-Watts The Journey into Egypt Guidebook
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