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I'm just adding a little for the benefit of those without the book, who asked, although 13, your own insights & description are perfect!

Karen Mahoney asks "we can't know this woman's story, but can you imagine what it might be?"

This is a fine way to begin to explore this card; taking the basic Rider-Waite-Smith meaning of leaving something behind and moving on; a transitional time, full of potential dangers (especially implied in the BG!) "Be Brave!" urges Karen.

Everytime I make up a story about this woman, its different & I extrapolate more meanings from that. This morning as I write this, it seems clear to me she's leaving her own wedding before the ceremony.....last time, according to my notebook, she was a governess exploring her new - and ever so intimidating - home. The first time we met, she was my elder sister, luring me into mischief!

This deck is my personal opium den!
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