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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
So, it really depends Daniel on how YOU FELT while dreaming about this. Were you afraid of the black colors in this support? or did you feel calm when you noticed it. I think because it was a sort of 'support' here with the glass, it can indicate strength in the foundation between the 3 people inside the glass house. The black lines being on the metal frame - and metal being strong, it makes me feel like it's a good color to see--and one of strength. Also, interesting that it was on the outside looking in--through the glass house. so things are not so hidden really.
no more dreams for you CN!
I have been thinking more about this dream! I feel the black colour and that part of the dream has no symbolism! but I am not sure what the point of it was, sort of can't work it out! I intuitively feel its "drawing in the detail" that phrase hits me! but I don't understand. maybe something to do with firm safe structure? hope it helps you anyway!

Not had a dream for you yet YDM but thinking of your question each night now
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