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This ones for you it really just keys in on the question . I hope this means more meaningful dreams to come.

CN was showing me a tarot card. The only details I recall about this are that it was a fantasy type image (I may be able to find the type when back at the pc), a single character on the card and either the letter O or number 0 (I didn't feel like it was a circle but it could have been I suppose).
She fanned the deck showing me the remaining cards. They were fabulous cards very high end. I commented that I really liked them. She then told me that upon taking them out of the box they had great energy but over time they had turned on her. She said that she was considering sending them back to the company, but she would sell them to me for the price that she paid. Adding that they were very pricey. I remember wanting the cards but felt unwilling to pay full price. I asked CN if she had cleared/cleansed the cards and recharged them. I said something to her about placing an amethyst on them to preserve their positive energy.
end dream..

I'm not really at a place that I can analyze this, but off the cuff I would say that it a appears that there maybe things you could do to enhance your chances of employment in your current field.

side note.. I did have another dream but all I recall is being at the dentist. I felt I that this was about improving appearance rather than for a tooth issue.
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