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What is a Sigal? Your question was actually better than mine! It is exactly what I was thinking when typing my question, but wanted to keep it positive, since I am doing a manifestation exercise to manifest the job. In other words I didn't wan to put the option of it not happening, but I was thinking it. Funny you would know that my career is even an "option" at this point, instead of a great necessity to my survival. SO again the seer coming out with a great question.

Originally Posted by Starri Knytes View Post
I believe CN was there because I had just had a successful series of dreams for her and
REALLY wanted to do the same for you. I also feel an affinity for her, she has great energy. I haven't seen any of the last round, no idea what questions were asked there. I haven't looked back further than the dream assignment list.
Funny, did you see where CN called me a seer a few week back. She may be right, I too have noticed that there aren't many symbols in my dreams. They just give me people and situations I can relate to and pass along. Sometimes as little as a single phrase.

As to why, I don't know if I can answer that. I realized that I had been dreaming on the astral level a few months ago and began teaching myself how to go there consciously. I connected with a guide to show me what I was looking for. When having trouble dreaming for CN I created a sigil out of her question. I believe that the sigil was the key to what I was shown. It netted a fruitful night of dreaming. I did the same for you. What I saw may have something to do with the way I phrased the question. This is what I used for the sigil..

"I wonder if I should give up on my career or change somethings?"

lol I was shown some areas that are in the process of or could use change..
On that note. I'm glad that you got to the dream before I did. It was clear to you without my fumbling around with it. I do think it would benefit you to put an amethyst in your pocket for your next interview, it will help to calm/slow your mind and focus your attention. Also you might look into dental schools in your area, they may be able to help with your dental issue.

If you think making a new sigil would get to the answer you're looking for please rephrase or shorten your original question. Make it as simple as possible, the fewer the words the better.

I hope that helps answer your question.
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