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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
I'm very interested in the "10's" in this deck. Three are very clear (or seem very clear to me). The last is a bit mysterious.

10/Wands: I love this card. I think, like so many other, most excellent cards in this deck, it's use of dark and scary imagery really illuminates the ultimate meaning of this card. We see an old woman hauling a bundle on her back. She wanders past a castle wall, under an illuminated window. Light from somewhere casts her shadow large upon the wall. This is one of those double-take cards. Unlike in other 10/Wands cards, the woman doesn't seem overly burdened, and quite able to handle this load on her back. But a double take shows us that the shadow she is casting has horns, and the window has a hot, orange glow to emphasize something demonic. Her physical burden in this world may not be so bad, but she is carrying around another burden, a spiritual/otherworldly burden that is far more heavily
What an interesting interpretation! I checked for this thread, because I really like the images on this card. I like your viewpoint. My initial impression (and I don't have the big book so I don't know what it says) was that the shadow was not *her* shadow, but rather, the shadow of what she was looking at. Which would seem to be a large monster! I took this to mean oppression and burden, in that sense.

However, the shadow does seem to be connected to her feet, so...hmm...
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