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Thank you Starri, some of those are hitting home already.

Originally Posted by Starri Knytes View Post
Black and white is a hard combo to find the meaning of for some reason. I've borrowed
Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams from a library online so I'm going to add as many of these references as I can.

Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams

It has this black and white reference sorry that its goats:

Black and white spotted goats: Use caution in own affairs.

Having rabbits in your back yard: Great friendship.

Dry Pond: Poverty (i thought this might be the dried muddy patch Daniel saw)

Dry parched field: Another person is enjoying what you hope to win.

Beautiful garden: Increase in fortune

Flower garden : Impending matrimony

I'll try to add a few more tomorrow.. If there is anything any of you would like me to look up while I have the book please let me know.
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