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Originally Posted by danieljuk View Post
Hi Starri, love your question! there has been some really deep questions this time from everyone!

I haven't had any dreams for you yet but when I was going to bed I read your question and got a feeling (but no images). I felt that just because they said you have no karmic lessons to learn, doesn't mean it's your last lifetime. It might mean something else. I don't know anything about this area and lifetimes because I am only a real beginner in that area but I felt you made an assumption and perhaps there is another reason there is no more karmic lessons!

I am hoping to have dreams for you as well but just wanted to post that
Here is a very good pg on karma and agreement.. It's not very long.. it will help you understand.
Karma and Agreements

I found early on during this experience to share all dreams. It has amazed me how dreams that I felt could only have relevance to me fit perfectly with the team. That's how I know we are here with purpose to help each other on our journeys. So any dream is the perfect dream to share because it is the message I need to receive. If you're having trouble dreaming try making a sigil/design to represent the question and do a few minutes of relevant reading.. I read lucid dream spells and techniques. Even if I don't have the items needed for the spells, it prepares the mind for a night of dreaming (I will share the sites I like to reference if you need help finding reading material).. I also find that having something first thing to raise my sugar level helps me to remember.. a mint works for me.

I hope something here helps.

Happy Dreaming
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