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I recall telling you that I thought that this was about this lifetime. I still think it is and this is why.

I had done so much research on the meanings in your dreams and had it all neatly typed up then it was eaten upon trying to post. At first I was really irritated. I took the dogs outside and was playing with them when it came together.

Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
I had a dream for you last night. I dont recall all of it, but I recall being with a lot of people and there was some thing going on. I don't know if it was a party or a fight or what. There was not a lot of anger feeling in the dream though, so I don't think it was a fight/argument. however, I remember distinctly a man calling out for someone to help him (help him to help another person, not sure if the 3rd person was male or female).

I recall thinking "oh, I need to help him. this is for me and what I am here for." which then made me - while still in the dream think that I knew it would be 'starri's' calling--so I guess I was 'you' in this dream.

I recall turning around and moving up to where this man and the person requiring help were at. the person requiring the help was either laying on the ground or just about laying there.

it was all very odd really, Starri. This dream didn't 'flow' the way my dreams normally do. as soon as the man called out for someone to come help him help this other person, I knew right away it was the message for you and that in my dream I was 'you'.

I felt this way before I dreamed also, after reading your question. I feel like rather then your thought and fear of it meaning you won't be reincarnated again, as you have no more lessons to learn that you will indeed be re-incarnated but this time to lead and help others.
Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
I had another dream and also a 'pre-dream'.

the pre-dream, I so call it because I was not quite asleep--but I had this in my thoughts as I was falling asleep. I felt like I was in a classroom and again I was 'you'. the teacher was a male, and all I can remember of him was that he was wearing light tan/beige colored dockers, a white button down shirt and a tie--and it felt very much like the same guy in the last dream!

There were a lot of people sitting in desks in the classroom, yet we were not really 'students'. this guy was sitting on the teachers desk facing the rest of us and explained that we were here to advise and help people. that is pretty much it with the pre-dream.

then, much later, I had a dream and again, I was with other people. many others. I don't recall the full dream, but we seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere 'important'. it was important we were there--and not late and yet we were running late, so rushing about. I sort of recall piling into a car and the driver had it running already to 'warm up'. unfortunately, this is all I can recall right now. I hope more of it comes back and if so, I'll update here.
I was really hung up on the clothing the man was wearing in your dream. In my real life all of the men who would have worn a shirt and tie have passed, of those none wore light colored pants/dockers they all wore dark suit/dress pants. In your first dream there were two men, I do know two men online who dress in shirt and tie. One I haven't spoken to in over a year who loves taking on leadership type rolls. He is/was the owner manager of a minor league baseball team and started a youth league that was really taking off. Always alot of people around. We have a "connection" <insert eyeroll here> This guy ALWAYS needed help. When we stopped speaking karma had caught up with him, he was on a down hill slide. Booze and pills, I could totally see him lying somewhere needing help. The other guy with a shirt and tie would never stop me from assisting, but he would not be in a hurry. I could see him being prepared but also being late just to make the point that he was more important to me than the man who is down.

This scenario doesn't really match the definitions but it does explain the two men the reoccurring man, the style of dress, people, and the need for help, the feeling of hurry up and wait.

I would love to hear your take on it and anyone else's who has a read these two dreams.


To see the same person again and again in your dream is a sign that someone from the world after is trying to get in contact with you and trying to tell you something. You must try to understand and follow his directions.

A large group of people: Respect

Another being delirious (closest I could find to being on the ground) : A friend is secretly trying to help you.

To see others in need, foretells that unfortunate affairs will affect yourself with others.

Being in a school/classroom (not a student): Learning/Increase of knowledge

Desk: A desire to find a way to get things done

White: People feel they can rely on you. Signifies an oncoming death, or the protection of a living being.

Waiting in readiness: A friend is secretly trying to help you.

Late: Your opinion is being sought after or what you're late for is very important in real life

Car: the path the your life is on.

Ref. used here are the same as on previous posts
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