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Originally Posted by Mellaenn View Post
Starri, I am totally striking out on your dream week; I am sorry. I often 'catch' dreams on the weekend when I have a little time for an extra dream cycle, but even with the extra holiday here in the States, it was quite a dreamless week. Maybe the full moon had something to do with it - LOL!

Anyway, I guess we are at the end of our time for this dream team session but if I do get anything in the next day or two, I will be sure and post it for you.

I will tell you this. I got an immediate and definite hit on your question when I first read it; a very definite "No, this is not your last life". Maybe my dreaming mind is trying to tell me "Hey, we already worked on that one consciously - no need to dream it!"

Just for what it's worth.
No worries at all sweetie. I appreciate your popping in with up dates. Honestly releasing my question to the group, having everyone work on it has quieted my soul.
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