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Gay Tarot - 5 of Coins

At a loss which card to post next I finally decided to take the one I already wanted to do yesterday: The Five of Coins. The main reason was that the guys who don't have the deck in hands can easily look at it here:

It is very similar to the Rider Waite 5 of Coins, with two differences: it isn't snowing and the sun is shining, which gives it a much more friendly look and the one guy is helping the other.

It is the two guys joined by V The Priest - and that gives it extra potential, of course. They are helping each other along in a difficult situation, "in good days like in bad ones" or however it is called in the vows. And the helping one looks quite happy to do so. - The one with the broken leag looks much less happy. Maybe the leg is just hurting- but I think, that's another "manly" problem we might have to face: the trouble to accept help and caring. To admit that we are not invulnerable dare-devils. At least, not all the time For me, the card came up in just the right moment when I had to be told: "it is nice if somebody cares for you. Enjoy it!"
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