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Thanks for that. I will take a photo of the stall at the time. It will have the canvas from Legacy of the Divine deck on the main easel board with my name, what I do etc. The back wall to the stall will have these displays and some laminated A4 prints from the Sacred Isle deck. Up til now the canvas had a large print of the montage from ToD, but I felt I wanted a change. The bonefire cards are so colourful I know they will look beautiful from a distance and draw people in to see what they are from close up.

The side wall (which is not as visible as the main wall) will have some laminated pictures from Rob Gonsalves. They are optical illusion type prints.

Yep, my stall is colourful Many people stop to look at the pictures and end up chatting about them. And then many decide to have a reading with me, so it really does act as a draw.
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