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Was not called in for work today so spent some time with the deck. The deck leads more to a sense of feeling, and it is hard to explain how. Usually I am very visual. I see something and can dive in and visualise a story. Not so with this deck. I may find I work on a different sensory level, one I am not really used to.

Top 10 favs so far part 1:

Queen of swords - Love how you get the idea she has a gentle side and may be the mistress of tough love. That sword looks a bit scarey but the dove still feels safe approaching her.

Judgement - time is a-ticking here. Are you going to face up to what you have done in your life and the affect you have had on others? Is what others are seeing the real you?
This card has a bit of hard hitting raw edge, and I like how it is not linked to any Biblical portrayal of Judgement and answering a calling etc.

The Devil - The gentle and seductive embrace. How it makes us feel safe and gives the impression of loving us. You need to see this next to the Lovers card to see the difference and realise it is illusion, but I love the look of resignation and defeat on the face of the girl. As if she knows she may have reached the point of having relinquished any sense of control. To have both sides shown so clearly in one image makes this one of the most powerful in the deck IMO.

6 of Swords - I like how on this image she is in control of how and where she moves on. Yet you sense it has been far from straight forward, and the waters are still muddied. Are the balloons lifting the swords away or are they still hovering? Ohh.... who knows, but the vulnerability of the character shines through.

Page of Cups - you just know emotions are still likely to be exploding and goin in every direction possible with this youngster. Her heart is very much on show. What you see is what you get when she gets emotional. I like how this card shows how this page will be, and in very real terms. Anyone with a hormonal teenager will get it, as opposed to how they are often depicted in more traditional decks.

Part 2 to follow.
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