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Part 2 of my favs from the Bonefire.

4 of swords - The presence of one shoe grabbed my attention. Either she is not quite as relaxed as she could be, or she is ready to leap into action should the need arise. Adds a nice touch to the idea of taking a time out.

3 of wands - Like the idea of comparing a map to what is really in front of you. What do you do if they are markedly different?

Page of swords - Another court card that you get the 'feel' of, as opposed to read through visual presentation alone. Again you sense the lack of real control you would associate with the page. She seems to be flying higher than the kites and is not looking too comfortable with that. A great sense of thoughts and ideas needing to be grounded a little.

10 of swords - a regular depiction, but what can you make of the vultures gathering. May add a nice angle to consider in a reading if you actually focus on the birds for the interpretation. This isn't massively different to some depictions, but I think it has subconscious layers. For example, I had the "how the mighty have fallen" saying come to mind when I saw how muscular and strong that guy looked.

9 of cups - Again a semblence of a recognisable scene when compared to RWS but you get more of a feeling of self isolation here. I tend to read this card more often than not as being happy in their own skin without the need to have someone else in their life to make them feel fulfilled. However, the skull is giving me more food for thought. That it may lead to a sense of being unfulfilled or empty on occasion, particularly on a mental level. Again, nothing really earth shattering but when I look at this card I feel a shift in what I usually see.

I hope others see something in this deck that may cause them to give it due consideration. Gabi has created something with this deck that I am finding hard to explain. Yes - me who is usually the master of 500 words when 50 will suffice It is certainly going to stretch me to work in a different way other than straight forward visual springboarding. It has a raw edge to it, mainly because of the style of artwork which I find refreshing.
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