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When I first laid eyes on this card after opening up my deck yesterday I was quite blown away.

I think this is a stunning card and its simplicity is striking and haunting.

This brought out a visceral reaction from me because it tapped into many of my personal memories and heartbreaking moments.

I think the card tells the querent that 'the time is now'. By that I mean, there is an immediacy in its bleak and matter of fact sadness. There is no joy or excitement from experiencing love grow as was previously experienced in the Two of Cups, Three of Cups, Six of Cups. That time is over. There is no more and now is the time to accept that this situation does not satisfy you anymore because all that is left is you and some broken glasses and the darkness.

The positive aspect of this is that you know you have hit that low point and that moment of realisation. There is a real honesty to this card when it comes to matters of the heart. It shows the querent what is left, and tellingly, none of these cups are salvageable. None of these cups can hold water anymore.

Other thoughts that came to mind:

- the metaphorical party is over and you are alone;
- what or more importantly who caused these glasses to smash and break?
- at some time these glasses were used to satisfy many and now they can't be redeemed
- one must move on, one has to move on, they are in a place where they could die or suffer a metaphorical death
- what does the darkness hold? It's impossible to say which makes it all the more frightening
- this card reminded me of many nights leaving a bar or drinking hole and there is broken glass, and you are tired, perhaps even tipsy and leaving alone - its disappointing but the quest for love that was attemped in that bar is just as depressing. Such a visceral image

I love how these images evoke memories and really create a gut reaction. What I feel this card makes very clear is that the querent must move on to survive. That is the positive feeling here, there is no room for debate or uncertainty. One must move on to sustain their life.

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