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I love this card. But, as I've just discovered on reading this thread, I completely misunderstood it! It gave me such an unexpected, deep memory from very early childhood that I responded emotionally and didn't even see the RWS mountains! Nor even the 8 broken glasses!!

I saw towering pine trees ... a deep, dark forest in the twilight (as I saw from the child seat on the back of my late Dad's bike, as he pushed me slowly up a hill homewards after a country cycle ride & picnic. The gathering darkness was very atmospheric & potentially scary, yet my Dad made everything seem safe & comforting ... hence my feeling of comfort on seeing this image.)
The broken tops of the glasses, to me at first, looked as if they were intact and merely partly-hidden by hanging branches ... see what I mean? A couple of them were broken, but the sense of having to scale a hill amid gathering gloom still gives me a frisson of otherworldly excitement ... like many scenes in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

Adventure beckons - to venture further, deeper, steeper, and face challenges as they occur. Rather like Life's journey. And even though I now see the jagged mountains and broken glasses as you do, that feeling remains with me in this card. I see the 8s as relating to Strength, which would also fit in.

It's interesting how people feel very moved by this image, even if for very different reasons!
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