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In my opinion, the ruler of the Part of Fortune will not be Mars. In fact, I think that the Sun will be also the Second Officer and the Overseer (Sunoikodespotes). Mars is indeed linked with Obama career. It's succeedent, swift and direct, visible in the sky and in his own bound. Mars always make distinctions and single out the native when it's effective. It gives domination and bold leaders. There is counteraction because stars from eight house tend to conduct unfavorable bussines for the native. Mars has no configuration to the Ascendant. Mars in Virgo, eight house, may suggest that Obama had dealings in his career with: secret and forge documents, lawsuits, spies, criminals etc. Because of Mars, I'm certain that Obama is having marriage issues.

Obama dosen't have a lucky chart in the sense of fortune. It's more like a illuminated native. In my opinion, the Part of Fortune and Spirit can't be judge in horoscopic sense because of the essential debilitation that I was talking about earlier.
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