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Catdoc, I have just discovered this thread and found your lovely Cat's Eye Tarot!! I am a cat lover myself and found your paintings absolutely charming and very well done. You certainly have a talent for capturing the 'nature' of the cats on your cards.

I also had to show my mother your deck as well, as she is another huge cat fan and a hobbyist painter in her retirement. Even though she is not into the tarot very much, she said that she wants a copy of this deck when it is finished and one for her sister who is a cat breeder! So we will both be looking forward to seeing your cards as you progress through the minors!

I like all your cards so far but I really love your 'Star' - beautiful! Also the 'Justice' card is so cleverly done with the reflection in the glass of the scales!

CreativeFire (now wishing she could paint something other than walls!)
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