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Hi CN!! I had a dream for you!!

First I would like to say that I don't really believe that there is anything random in life. We are here as a group for a reason, a purpose. During last DT I learned to post all dreams. Even the ones I was sure meant nothing to anyone but me held specific details other team members identified with. Funny how the mind works isn't it. I have seen the possibilities of what combined minds from whatever distance can do. I hope the group stays intact and grows;evolves to that point. That said, the dream I had was was very personal to me. It uncovered the kind of resentment I thought I had grown beyond, my inner child rears her angry head. I have held back for a day trying to decide whether to post it or just give the jest of it ultimately I believe it will be therapeutic to see it in print.

The Dream

I was at the oncologists office with my friend who has metastatic colon cancer, waiting for the Dr to come in. It was to be the first chemo appointment since the surgery and the return of the cancer. The Dr. had been my fathers oncologist as well. We lost him 8 years ago this month. In his final 4 years he was stricken with two kinds of cancer. Those years were a misery. He had radioactive seeds implanted, a colostomy, chemotherapy, followed by tissue deterioration and many, many trips to the hospital. This had been weighing on me in the weeks preceding my friends appointment. I spent that time researching alternative treatments.

The Dr. came in pleasant as usual, he went over the blood work which was normal after surgery. Conducted his exam then proceeded too release us to the chemo lounge. With calm determination I stood up, presented the Dr with a plan I had been holding since we arrived and said,"I know you don't realize this, but you were my fathers Dr..We won't be doing chemo today. I watched as my father was hacked apart and poisoned until his ability to absorb life giving nutrition was destroyed and with it his immune system as well. With no immune system how is the body to defend itself against new cancer cells. I will not watch as that happen to my friend. This is what we will be doing. We will be rebuilding the immune system with diet and supplements that designed to fight cancer, and using two additional protocols. One designed to lower the bodies ph and discourage cancer growth, the other to sterilize any problem cells that pop up. At the end of the cancer cells life cycle it will be flushed from the system without multiplying or harming other cells. We will continue to keep our regular appointments. If there is any change in my friends condition we can reevaluate." The Dr. stood looking quite dazed as my friend stood and we left the exam room. We stopped and made a follow up appointment, then walked off into the sunset.. DREAM END!

lol I clearly have issues..
I didn't see this at first, a little caught up in the dream. I was still thinking about it 24hrs later when out of the blue it came to me..
What I see here for you involves the upcoming Medical conference. You may be introduced to something holistic that is a great benefit to you. This could become your new passion in life.
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