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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
Only doing one more dream...for this week :

Playing new parlor games like pinball or Nintendo style. (Not my thing in real life ).

Keep getting this triangle and three, and in a certain combo or time , it doubles in points. I remember the numbers 17 000 and 30 000.

Anyways , my points are the highest ,but these two girls are peeved with me scoring so high and just using that triangle or three system. I realise then all machines are connected ,so all players can interact as well as see what each other is doing. One of the girls decides to unprogram my one as she thinks my points are too high for her expert clocking standards so sets about finding a weak point to do it with her friend.

That is the dream.

Not sure if you should give something new ago and not by yourself...something out of your comfort zone ...not even thought of .

Need to feel like some of my sleep time ,as little as it is ,is mine. So next dream is next week and person .
Now that I'm not on my phone.....

It was a very big room, not too different to the style and size of one you would find at a Casino only not so open and although these game machines were lined up in rows and there were probably a hundred or so of them, the only people playing them really were myself and those two girls. Three people.

And each time I did this combo of "three" I could see a triangle form as it calculated the points.

Lastly, the girl that was determined to change the programming of "my" machine, actually went from one to the other with this USB stick trying to see if she could crack a code or something when it did not work on mine. The ones I did see that she tried also didn't work, but that is where the dream ended with her still going from one to the next.
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