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Originally Posted by Starri Knytes View Post
I'm Starri, The team buttinski. I was honestly trying not too this time, but I just can't help adding my 2 cents .
Sorry CN, It was just so plain to me..
I do see the house as you. The large window is telling you, "Take A GOOD LOOK" at things. health/life/family/home/career??

As for the dog droppings. LMAO There's some shit you need to shake off.

again my apologies for butting in

no, no. no apologies req'd. Sometimes listening to others can really help one to see another side of things.

I do know that the house is often referring to the self. Right now, my health has been slipping again--just as I was beginning to feel on top of things too. My health has been like riding a roller coaster, lately. I try to stay positive about it, but also with all the traveling we've done in the last 2wks, (visiting family) & this house stuff- it has worn me out 100%. I'm so exhausted. As for the dog droppings, there IS some sh!t I should shake off. Isn't there always though? For everyone?

thanks for your 'butting in'!
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