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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
There are books/articles that cover Mercury Retrograde (indeed Erin Sullivan has written a classic covering the Retrograde cycles of all the planets). However if you are just starting out. you may find that and other books/articles make assumptions about your knowledge which will be out of line with what it actually is.

At the bottom level you should start with a basic introductory textbook, or at least have one handy if you are going to attempt a more complex work. You might also find a text on Astronomy for Astrologers (there's a work by John and Peter Filbey). Again though I'd say get to know the basics first before branching into that, unless you already have a reasonable grasp of Astronomy.
Thank you very much for you response, I have NO grasp of astronomy at all. From your response, I am assuming it is Astronomy I want to look at instead of Astrology?

I was under the impression that astronomy is the study of the planets, star clusters and hubble telescopes... more of a science; and Astrology is the birth charts, planets, houses.. more of the divination. However, I may be confused... and this probably isn't the thread for this discussion... thank you for your reply
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