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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
Well, Down, I've thought and thought of this dream trying to figure out what the 17 and the 30 and the 000 could mean for me. I think that perhaps the 17 is indicating my psychic abilities and such. I think this because some numerology sites indicates that this number (and the number 8) is all about the psychic abilities. I've been having some problems lately with my abilities--they are not as strong as they use to be, and this is a problem for me. I really feel it can be due to my health issues though--as when I am run down, my abilities do suffer. 17 was also one of my favorite numbers. It was also a 'good' year for me--oh so long ago now. 30 was also a good year for me/us.

30 also is for people who to talk. Well, I do. (have you noticed w/my long posts?) This number sounds very much like me--as in addition to being loquacious, 30s also do not like upsetting others. I don't. I do my best to avoid confrontation when I can.

now, basically these sites I frequent on numerology - are talking about your birth date being added up to a number, but I felt perhaps these numbers still have a meaning for me, and this is why you dreamed about them for me.

The 000 is a number that really intrigues me, because I really like repeating numbers. On another site, I found where the 000 means that I need to remember I am one with the Universe and I have the ability to manifest what I wish in my life. Which is very interesting because I've been asking my guides why I seem to have 'lost' some of my abilities--at least to the degree I had them before. Unfortunately, I don't hear them answering my questions--at least the way I am wanting them to! Perhaps they used this opportunity to give you the answers for me in this way? Or perhaps I'm just going over the deep end and thinking too much on this.

I'm not sure why 3 people though. Perhaps I will soon be working with two others? not sure. When I posed this question, I was hoping for an answer to this particular problem of mine, (my abilities waning and my health), so all makes sense. Maybe its me and my 2 doctors? that would be 3. the one doctor I have (a specialist in her field) could be the one that not liking my 'score'. She is proving slightly difficult to work with, refusing to run the tests the other dr. has requested from her.

however, if I ignore the people part of it and just concentrate on the triangle, the triangle I wonder if it could mean body, mind and spirit? perhaps I need to get all 3 in sync so that my abilities can be as strong (or maybe even stronger) then before? What is your opinion on this?

the last part of your after thought here really strikes a home run with me. "that what has been done can be undone as long as you keep looking for a way to undo it."

There was something done a while ago-- a long while ago that troubled me DEEPLY. it affected my health rather big time, and since then my health sort of went into the toilet. I do seem to 'recover' for awhile, and all seems well for a few months only to plummet again. I'm going through the plummeting stage again, and each time its a bit harder to get back to where I was before. I just wonder if this is all tied together. If I look at it as I stated for the triangle--body, mind and spirit, it seems to fit. Perhaps this is what my guides want me to concentrate on--and perhaps in that order too. I'm going to put some more thought into this dream and my thoughts on it for awhile. But, I'd love any commentary from you all on this too.

A) Seems "17" and "30" even "000" are "significant" to you and more than just about "numerology", but especially the first two numbers that take you back to a place when it was really "good" for you as an individual/ individual and couple.

Might be a reminder to remember those times and those feelings as a part of healing or to try and bring something like that about again as it impacts on you and in a positive way.

Sometimes walking down memory lane can do a lot of good and the problem is when "life" gets in the way we sometimes forget those past moments of goodness that brought so much joy and change etc. Some marriages on the rocks have been "salvaged" this way when they have gone back to the absolute beginning like "dating" all over again as a part of therapy and taking things step by step to rekindle what seemed lost. And those "feelings" have been rekindled.

B) The After Thought: I only got that perception/idea/thought as the girl in my dream was finding a way to undo what I had done by getting the highest points when I probably shouldn't have been, so perhaps a glitch in my machine. And she wasn't giving up by going from one machine to the other and there were at least a hundred if not more of them!

C) If I was to say "3" to my father it would be to him: "The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". So, I think this could be what is relevant to you whether 3 people or Mind, Body, Spirit etc. Even TRIANGLE may have a meaning as I saw that shape too.

I think the main point of this 2nd dream was finding a solution (reprogramming the machine) to what appeared to be an issue (high scores doing nothing) ONLY I didn't see it.

We don't always see the full picture.

That is my 2 cents worth anyhow.
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