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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post

Playing new parlor games like pinball or Nintendo style. (Not my thing in real life ).

Keep getting this triangle and three, and in a certain combo or time , it doubles in points. I remember the numbers 17 000 and 30 000.
And another comment. Funny, I edit a newsletter for a psychic who is beginning to channel the most amazing information and sacred geometry was her topic this month. Threes and triangles are all about the trinity, be it mind, body, spirit, or subconscious, conscious and super conscious (collective mind), or what have you. The number three is creative energy, the 'child' of the numbers one and two.

So perhaps there are elements of finding balance among the three aspects (mind, body, spirit) as well as creating something new. Are you by any chance thinking of writing a book?
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