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Originally Posted by Starri Knytes View Post
This is it CN. As I read I could feel it, and when I got to this bit I got the image of with the charades gesture, head nodding in agreement then finger on the nose then pointing at you in a gesture that would indicate THATS IT!!

I do believe you've got it!!
HURRAY! Thank you, Starri.

Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post

A) Seems "17" and "30" even "000" are "significant" to you and more than just about "numerology", but especially the first two numbers that take you back to a place when it was really "good" for you as an individual/ individual and couple.

Might be a reminder to remember those times and those feelings as a part of healing or to try and bring something like that about again as it impacts on you and in a positive way.

Sometimes walking down memory lane can do a lot of good and the problem is when "life" gets in the way we sometimes forget those past moments of goodness that brought so much joy and change etc. Some marriages on the rocks have been "salvaged" this way when they have gone back to the absolute beginning like "dating" all over again as a part of therapy and taking things step by step to rekindle what seemed lost. And those "feelings" have been rekindled.
Oh, I always reminisce. as does the hubby. Its a part of our life to always say, "remember when..." or "I remember..." As for the marriage part of your statement, its nothing to do with my marriage, which is very good and strong--but it does have to do with family-other extended family in a huge way.

B) The After Thought: I only got that perception/idea/thought as the girl in my dream was finding a way to undo what I had done by getting the highest points when I probably shouldn't have been, so perhaps a glitch in my machine. And she wasn't giving up by going from one machine to the other and there were at least a hundred if not more of them!

C) If I was to say "3" to my father it would be to him: "The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". So, I think this could be what is relevant to you whether 3 people or Mind, Body, Spirit etc. Even TRIANGLE may have a meaning as I saw that shape too.
Last night I was still thinking of this of course, and it dawned on me that I often see triangles and other shapes too, when meditating or doing psychic readings--but triangles especially. I think this is just a shape for me that seems to be one of my signs that I am 'there'. I never really put that much emphasis on it, as I think everyone seems to have a symbol that they see often when meditating or doing psychic readings. I also see lots of lights, but I am going to dig up some of my old readings that I may have saved to see just how often (and I seem to remember it is very often) triangles stand out for me.

I will still have to think on what you posted here about "she wasn't giving.....if not more of them." I am hoping this isn't going to go back to my health and this 'she' - if it is the specialist I'm seeing only concentrating on one particular point and not investigating many other scenarios. that would NOT be good! And, in a sense, she is seemingly doing so--as the GP who sent me to her asked specifically for a test to be done on me which she refused to do as she found it not necessary. hmmm...more questions again on this......

and back to C--I must admit, I've not been as good about practicing my faith as I should be. It does make me feel slightly empty as a result too. Perhaps I should push myself back to going to Mass each Sunday again and that may help me. I know you may not have meant it exactly in this sense, but it is how I take it. Yes, I think triangle can have many different meanings here--so I need to concentrate on that more as well. Especially your last line here:

I think the main point of this 2nd dream was finding a solution (reprogramming the machine) to what appeared to be an issue (high scores doing nothing) ONLY I didn't see it.
We don't always see the full picture.

That is my 2 cents worth anyhow.
yep. very true. This dream was very interesting, Down. Thank you again, much.
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