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Originally Posted by Mellaenn View Post
I am also adding just a general note here, having read through posts about dreams from other group members. What popped into my head was, of all things, Chiron, the wounded healer. If you know mythology or you google him you will see that he was adept at the healing arts.

It may well be that things are transpiring for you to endure a health issue from which you can learn and then teach others, CN.
Yes, someone else (forget who now) pointed this out to me before and I did some research on Chiron. My guides have told me in the past that I am to become a healer. I've already been through MANY health issues--major ones, all my life, really. But, apparently, I needed this too. The health issues can stop now, please. I get it! I get it!

thanks for your addition of this too, Mell. I'm going to re-read about Chiron again too, I think. Perhaps it'll help me.
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