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Originally Posted by bumble bee View Post
The right brain controls the left side of the body. If a person has a stroke on the left side of the brain the right side is affected. This queen has an active right brain which has caused excessive grown on the left side of her body. You cant even see her right leg! Is it there? Probably she seems to be leaning on it under her skirt.
this was what i immediately thought the first time i saw this card: she is the queen of creativity and action, driven by her right brain, and so the left side of her body is more developed and active. she's obviously left-handed, holding the spear in her left hand.
i also love what afrosaxon says about the left side being where the heart is, and her breasts nourishing her children -- because really, what is more literally creative than becoming a mother??

one other thing that i always notice is the way she's posed her hands: her far left hand is spread, showing all five fingers. on the next hand her thumb is hidden. the third hand over is the most interesting: it rests on her bare thigh, and her pinky and ring finger are folded up tightly into her palm, so she's flashing three fingers, like some kind of message. the last hand is wrapped around her spear, but she uses her pointer finger to follow the shaft upwards towards the spearhead, and towards the moon.
i don't know too much about numerology, but there could be something here!
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