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Re: Sakki-Sakki anyone?

Originally posted by Kissa
The idea of creating a study group emerged simultaneously in our heads (we are lucky enough to have heads...).
oh Kissa!, that made me laugh so much!!!
I'm happy I bumped in here, because usually I never come in these areas.... I just came to see what exactly is a study group...!(I guess someone picks a card, makes a new thread and comments on it? and others comment then too?)

From what I can see already, I think that your comments are going to be great additions to the meanings... (maybe you'll give me some ideas about the book, hmmm?)
(btw-Thanks to Ophelea regarding the Devil! Oh, that Devil!)

anyway, i'm really flattered that you want to do this. To me it will be the most interesting thing. I promise to cooperate, but I'll have to make sure not to "kill" the topic by saying what i had in mind. One of the things in this, is what EVERYBODY else does with it, so... ALL meanings and observations make it what it is...even more than what the creator intended...

The whole thing...Quite surreal...
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