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Ansuz can also be interpreted as the symbol of the Ash tree.
The Ash Tree Yggdrassill is, in Norse heritage, the axis of the world, the trunk that runs through all the worlds, and binds them together.
It is through Yggdrassill that communication with the gods is made, and up the trunk that the forces of Earth and Sky communicate.
Yggdrassill is also the physical embodiment of the Universe and its self conciousness. No being can be older or wiser than the great Tree, and this is the reason that it was to the highest point upon the highest branch, that Odhinn went to seek inspiration, and was enlightened with the Runes.

To gain this wisdom, Odhinn wounded himself with his own spear, seen in the shape of the rune itself, and hung upside down for nine days and nights, without food, drink or medicine.
The wisdom that Odhinn gained, and the use of it taught by Freyja, were paid for in blood and pain, seen universally as symbols of suffering and hardship.

Ansuz, to me, therefore always symbolises the willingness to sacrifice, to undergo hardship for gain, and to be prepared to give up what you hold dear to gain wisdom, to proceed.

Also, the One-eyed god Odhinn gave away his famously missing eye at the other end of the tree, where, at one of its roots, the Well of Mimir springs from the ground, guarded by a fierce Giant, and a source of water that brings incredible knowledge.
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